Indulge in the subtle elegance of tailor-made wine and charcuterie experiences.

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Created by Monica McKinney, a 30-year veteran in the customer experience industry, Cuterie Shop combines the elegance of charcuterie boards with unique experiences designed to create memories.

The C|S Collection

Petite (Small)

Are you looking for you or for something made for two? The Cuterie Shop Petite boards and boxes are the perfect serving size for 1-2 people and are specially designed for an individual or an intimate charcuterie experience! 

Prices starting at $55.00

Demi (Medium)

Sharing with family or saving some for later?  Our Cuterie Shop Demi boards and boxes are tailor-made to please with enough locally sourced, fresh and flavorful ingredients to feed 3-5 people.  

Prices starting at $85.00

Demi-Grand (Large)

Looking for the surprisingly perfect gift or accent to your event or soiree?  Serving 6-10 people, The Cuterie Shop Demi-Grand boards and boxes are the ideal selection for entertaining and impressing family, friends, guests, and colleagues! 

Prices starting at $155.00

Grand (XL)

Wow your family and friends with this exquisitely elegant and divinely delectable charcuterie feast!  The Cuterie Shop Grand board is the picture-perfect centerpiece to your celebration table and serves 11-16 people.  

Prices starting at $295.00

Customize Your C|S Experience

Classic Collection

Complete and delightful charcuterie assortments of meticulously selected fruits, cheeses, meats, crackers and jams. Traditional beauty and impeccable taste.

Lifestyle Collection

Whether Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, or pork free our boards and boxes can be customized to meet your lifestyle preferences.

Savory Collection

Designed to appeal to individuals with exquisite taste. Whether it's breakfast in bed, unique birthday gifts or sporting events, this collection is guaranteed to please.


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